Do you charge a fee for quotations?

Yes, and the fee is discounted from your first invoice when the job is started. The $88 fee allows us to take the time to give you a personal and thorough appraisal of your project and one is that I would like you to not just my visit as just to get a price, rather a consultation as I have already mentioned, so I will ask you a number of questions so I can understand exactly what you want and then I can give suggestions that you may have not thought of, enabling you to make an informed decision on what you want to do and how it will look.

Secondly we take great pride in our work, and to do a proper job it takes time, that translates into costs, so we are not the cheapest, so if you are after 'just a job' then we are not what you are looking for. We take pride in our work so you can have pride in your home!